…walking to a 3:15pm yoga class in Park Slope earlier today. My friend Clayton invited me to join him for the class. It was taught by our friend and former college-mate, Jen.

Her 90 minute class was long and challenging – a far cry from the 20-45 minute sessions I’ve been doing alone at home. It was also awesome. I feel good tonight.

After class, I walked from the yoga studio to the subway with Jen and her friend Marissa, another yoga teacher. A happy opportunity, I said, “So what made you guys decide to become yoga teachers?”

Jen said that when she graduated from acting school she realized she loved to do yoga and to travel. So now she just does those things. Brilliant.

Marissa said, “Because I couldn’t stand to do any of the other jobs.” I laughed.

Most yoga teachers don’t teach full time, most do other things to supplement income, they said. Health insurance can be a struggle, they said. And the schlep all around the city each day to teach in different studios or private houses can be draining. Marisa teaches 18 group classes and 1 private lesson each week!

They still seemed more content about their work than I am about my desk job.

I’m going to take more classes that Jen teaches. It was good to see her. And maybe some of her courage to do what she loves will rub off on me.


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  1. My friend Melanie is a yoga instructor — she also works full time, but teaching yoga is definitely her passion. She just teaches 2 days a week and it is something that keeps her grounded and happy and able to cope with cube-life the rest of the time.

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