Almost every day, I use my lunch hour as a little oasis away from the desk job. I’ve come to learn about myself that I am sensitive to things like lighting, difficult personalities, and mind numbing activity. So I use the time to escape the florescence, the ego, and the paperwork for a little while. Most lunch hours, I go to the gym, which is infinitely relaxing to me, even if I can only get in a quick workout. But sometimes I’ll just walk around the neighborhood – run an errand, grab some food, people watch, stretch my legs. Today I went out to take advantage of one thing in particular. The sunshine. I don’t get enough of it. The stressed out lady behind me in this photo probably doesn’t either.

It’s almost 50 degrees again here today, and not a moment too soon. In between returning some boots that hurt my feet and buying some more green juice (!) to enjoy, I purposefully stood in the sunshine for 15 minutes (the recommended amount of time if you wanna soak up your vitamins). It was a bit of a struggle to just stand there and patiently bask for 15 whole minutes. I kept wanting to check my blackberry or move on with my day but I made myself stay put. If I can’t stand still for 15 minutes, my problems are greater than lack of sunshine.

Even though I stayed out of everyone’s way, either very close to the curb or up against the side of a building, one lady got particularly angry with me, “Are you just gonna stand there? Goddamn!” She probably doesn’t get enough sunshine OR fiber.

After my 15 minutes were up, I happily went off in search of some food and found a new organic foods cafe right next to the neighborhood Chipotle. Thank god, because the line at Chipotle was out the door. At Freefoods I decided on a green juice with the exact same ingredients from yesterday’s. The lady who made the juice struck up a little conversation with me. She was very sweet, asking me if I’d tried it before, telling me she thought it was an acquired taste. (Sure, I can see that.)

One small problem, however, was that the damn juice, although quite delicious, was $8?! Holy cow! The one I got in Brooklyn yesterday was only $4. After bopping around the place for a few minutes, I went back to her counter and asked her for one of the yummy looking creme-filled sandwich cookies. Prepared to pay another $3.25 for the cookie (yowch!), I stood there with my wallet open, but she wrapped the cookie in waxed paper, tucked the little package into my hand and whispered, “Don’t worry about it.” Aw! So nice. That’s her in the red shirt in the window.

I will definitely go back there again, although I think I’ll have to avoid the gold-leafed juice. It was so yummy but way too expensive.

Back to work, now. This workday is a busy and stressful one. Kevin and I did 20 minutes of “gentle hatha” yoga together this morning before work, which helped a little bit, but I can feel its affects wearing off by now. I’ll try to get in some more yoga or gym time after work to decompress from this day. In the meantime, good thing I powered up with my liquid greens.


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