This is what the clock said when I got into bed last night. I always celebrate getting into bed before midnight. I’m obsessed with sleep. I’ve always been a big sleeper, happy to sleep in or to take a nap. It’s only in the last year or so that I’ve become a nut about needing to get at least eight hours a night, or else. Kevin knows. And I like to go to sleep early lately. I used to be a total night owl. Now, the earlier the better. I just imagine how great I’ll feel in the morning, so rested and content. I am my mother’s daughter, for sure.

I am convinced, not just based on personal field research, but also on all the studies they’ve conducted recently about sleep and health, that my sleep is completely essential to my gracefully traversing this journey to find my dream job. If I don’t sleep, I’m groggy and grumpy in the morning, if I’m groggy and grumpy, I’m going to cut corners throughout the day, maybe skip my workout, be annoyed rather than inspired by any after-work obligations, and lay on the couch staring at the TV like a zombie from the moment I get home. It can turn into a nasty, self-defeating cycle. So, I sleep.

I feel the same way about eating well and working out. I can’t exercise efficiently without having eaten well. And if I don’t get some calories burned, some blood-pumping, some oxygen in my cells, I won’t feel as good as I know I can. I want to feel good because staying true to this journey of mine is all about positive outlook.

Besides the sleeping and the exercise (which I’ll get in tonight after work), other nice things today that make me feel happy include these:

  • I did yoga before work this morning. Doing that a lot lately. Loving it.
  • My good friend Phil Wells got a new job! It’s a “survival job,” as he calls them, but he hates his current job, so this will be an upgrade for sure. I’m really proud of him.
  • My friend Jen wrote me back about yoga teacher training. She was very sweet and enthusiastic about my interest. We’re going to try to go to a restorative yoga class together this weekend and maybe get some food afterwards so we can continue our conversation in person. I’m really looking forward to it.
  • I also emailed another friend-of-a-friend who just became a yoga teacher. He wrote me back with some info too! Maybe I’ll check out one of his classes soon.
  • The PIT, where I perform weekly with both my improv team and my sketch team, sent out an email yesterday offering a new class – a yoga class! They mostly teach comedy performance and comedy writing related stuff so this is a cool departure from their usual schedule. Unfortunately, it’s being held on a weekday morning, so I can’t go, but I did email the theater back, asking for contact information for the teacher so I could pick her brain about what it’s like to teach yoga to performers, if she does this for a living, and if so, how she came to it. They’re gonna put me in touch with her! Very cool.
  • Going to start researching what it takes to become a nutritionist. Hope to find some time to do so this weekend. (This dream job search isn’t only about yoga, although it’s beginning to seem that way, isn’t it? Well, it’s not!)
  • My mom wrote me a thoughtful email last week with some brainstorms about my journey and my options. I’m going to think more about what she said and maybe talk about some of it here in a few days.

Off to the gym after work today to clear my mind. Then home to go to sleep early! Yesssss.


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  1. Jen! You’re a star.

    Food for thought: a few months back I organized a tap dance practice group and, at first, we just hired an instructor off the craigslist. Maybe you could just rent a room and show some of your square friends how to do yoga for a pittance? That way you’ve got some experience under your belt and you, too, could hit the craigslist. Freelance-style!

    Of course, you would have to do this with ALL THE FREE TIME i know you don’t have.

  2. Hmmmm. That’s not a bad idea, Phil! I wonder if I could get sued if someone got hurt.

    I have daydreamed about doing something similar for people who want to lose weight. Like, “Hey! I’m not certified to do this, but I probably won’t hurt you or make you sick! Call me up, we’ll take a walk.”

    Options options…

  3. Ack. I just realized I made it sound like all your friends are squares. That is patently not so. What I meant was you could start by instructing a few of your friends-who-happen-to-be-squares-(at-least-when-it-comes-to-yoga), who are very probably the exception to the rule.

  4. Just dropping a note to let you know that Ive been reading this blog and enjoying it. Its inspiring. So many things that you have written ring true with myself also.

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