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I don’t know what to write about today, y’all. I have an exciting guest blog I could post* (!) or I could probably come up with more desk job related anecdotes. But I feel like I haven’t done a nice healthy personal check-in for a few days. I told Kev I didn’t know what to write about today and he said, “Write about that!” Fair.

It’s rainy today. I don’t feel terribly emotionally impacted by it, but my day has a dullness to it just the same.

I haven’t done much in the way of advancing this journey of mine in the last couple days. But I think the in between is just as important as the forward motion.

I have an improv show at The PIT tonight with my super funny team, The Baldwins. I’m looking forward to it. I have felt a little unsure about my work on the ol’ improv stage lately, but another show is another chance to give it a whirl.

I wonder if my joy for improv is akin to my joy for yoga. They are both things that take some serious skill to master. They also demand many years of study, practice, and failure in order to achieve ‘success.’ More accurately, they are each practices which require you to fail so that you might learn that success cannot exist without failure, and that those two forces can sometimes be the same thing. They are also both practices in which the journey is the destination – if you’ll excuse the cliché.

I suppose that’s true for most things in life – the journey is the destination.

My little cousin, who is maybe 24 or 25? and lives in Kansas with her husband and their sweet puppy, Claire, has sent me a few validating emails recently, encouraging me to trust this journey I’m on, assuring me that it’s the right thing. We grew up together and she’s one of the most intuitive, bright, and loving people I know. She also knows me really well. (She’ll be starring in her own payday segment soon!)

So, it’s been really nice to get this kind of feedback from her, and from my mother, my boyfriend, and other generous and kind friends who’ve sought me out to congratulate me on taking the first few steps to leave my desk job, or to let me know that they admire my efforts in sharing the process here, in front of anyone who wants to watch.

In the last few weeks, since beginning this blog and the subsequent quest to leave the desk job (or perhaps it’s the other way around), a handful of great people have reached out to me to tell me their own stories, dreams and goals, or to encourage me in mine. It’s amazing the things people are willing to share when they know it will be openly received. And being an information hog who loves to know the most minute details about everyone she meets, I delight in learning more about the people in my life. It’s been very unifying and inspiring. And it also reminds me how unique and varied we all are, except that we all want to be happy.

This post is riddled with clichés.

I put up a picture of my boyfriend, Kevin, and me in our pajamas because it makes me happy. He’s a good guy. If you don’t know him, you should. He’ll be very nice to you. It’s one of his strengths.

*There’s a guest blog post coming. I’m excited about it. You should be too. She (that’s a hint!) is a brilliant young lady and has some interesting things to say about finding her bliss.


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