results unknown

She’s back! She searched again!

should i follow my heart and travel with my boyfriend or follow my head and finish college now.


I know absolutely nothing of her situation. Frankly, ‘she’ could even be a ‘he.’ But I wonder what I would do if I was in the situation I imagine she’s in. She sounds like a logical, reasonable girl. Not just anyone uses Google to make life decisions. And Google has certainly proven itself a useful tool in today’s world, so it makes perfect sense that she’d cover her bases by checking in to see if they had any formidable advice.

Or perhaps she’s only asking Google. Perhaps she doesn’t know how to broach the matter with her parents, guardians or close family members.  Perhaps she’s already broached the matter, they freaked out, and now she’s left to make the decision on her own. Perhaps she’s afraid to ask her friends because they hate the boyfriend. Or perhaps she doesn’t have anyone to ask at all.

She also seems like a dreamer. She wants to travel. Not just anyone wants to travel. Travel is a marvelous activity, but not everyone feels that way. Surprising, right? Sometimes when I realize that some people don’t like to travel I feel how I do when someone tells me they don’t like pizza. “Oh. ………okaaaaay.” But it’s true! Some people don’t care for travel or pizza (or nachos or hot baths or babies or baby animals- go figure.) and that’s perfectly reasonable. To each their own. Anyone who does like to travel, though, would probably agree that there’s a certain element of fantasy wrapped up in being a traveler. When escaping to some new land, experiencing new people, music, art, cuisine, you cannot help but imagine, if only for a moment, that you’ve left your ‘real’ life behind and traded up for something a bit more colorful.

I wonder what she’ll decide to do. I wish I had a way of finding out.

2 thoughts on “results unknown

  1. Travel, search-girl!!! College will always be there!!! You can re-enroll when you come back. Seeing the world is an education, it will open up your eyes more than sitting in some classroom. Where are you going, search-girl?

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