I spent the day at jury duty for a federal court today. Yikes. I had to go in last Monday too.

There’s something really soothing about the change of pace that these two Mondays have been. I have rather enjoyed being collected in a room full of silent strangers – no phones, just quiet. By the end of a full day, strangers will talk to each other.

Also, the cafeteria makes a nice chicken sandwich.

I spent a good two hours of the day walking around outside the courthouse. They kept telling a group of us that they didn’t need us for another hour, so we could go do whatever we wanted. But I was in Central Islip, Long Island – two hours from my apartment. So I just walked around.

I got home much later than I expected to, but still early enough to have a night to myself. What heaven that is, an unexpected night off. I went for a jog, did some yoga, and got a slice of pizza for dinner. Things have been a new kind of busy lately.


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