Text message from Faryn over the weekend: p.s. I got an ICED coffee – sprrrrring has sprrrrrrrung!

You know it’s spring in New York City by a lot of different things – the blossoming flowers, the flowers the city shoves into the park soil to give the appearance of blossoming flowers, people in light jackets, dresses, shoes with no socks, dogs with no sweaters. And perhaps my most favorite marker that spring has arrived is the resurfacing of iced coffees. Maybe this is true of other cities too, but I find that New Yorkers drink iced coffee like it’s medicinally required for human survival. And why not? It’s delicious. My friend Adam’s mom calls it the perfect beverage and I agree completely, despite the odd looking photo above.

I’ve discovered that one aspect of starting a sweets business is taking gorgeous photos of your sweets. We don’t plan to open a store front any time soon. We will start small – selling our stuff at flea markets, festivals, online through etsy at first and eventually through our own website. If that goes well, we’ll try to get some wholesale orders with local cafes. So having lovely photos that will represent the sweet treats online is going to be a cornerstone of our business.

And lemme tell you. I don’t take great photos.

Now, to be fair, the photo above was taken with my blackberry, but even when I’m using my fancy new camera, I seem to miss the mark. I try different settings, I think about good pictures and what qualities they possess. And still I end up with something bearing an eerie resemblance to the 500 blind photos I took on a trip to Europe at age 13. My mother was infuriated when, upon our return home, she spent God knows how much money developing roll after roll of my film, half of which held a variety of photos of my adolescent thumb.

Faryn took a bunch of photos of a cutting board full of chopped chocolate on Sunday afternoon while we were baking. They’re really nice photos. “Good picture taking is all about composition, Jen.” Ugh.

For the time being, she’s probably going to have to be the one wielding the camera when it comes to capturing images that will best sell our wares. But I’ll learn! I will.


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  1. god, i loooooooove iced coffee. i have at least one every single day. in the middle of the freezing winter, i don’t care.

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