I’m still working on my picture-taking skills. I took some nice shots of a batch of cookie dough last night, which when photographed closely, looks like an alien world’s landscape.

It’s another lovely spring day in New York. I’m really lucky to have a new role at the desk job that allows me more freetime during the workday, especially now that Faryn and I are working on the business whenever we can. But today I want to take this desk job and chuck it out the window. I’m just drooling at the idea that people are enjoying the sunny day while I’m stuck in this timeless, weatherless wooden room.

My new rule at the desk job is to get up and walk around the reception area at least once an hour. When I used to sit in the back part of the office and wasn’t tethered to a switchboard, I often got up throughout the day to make photocopies or send a fax. It felt meaningless at the time, but now that I’m even more sedentary than before, I miss those faxing trips. Now it’s easy to spend hours at a time sitting in the same place – that’s gotta stop. I just finished the 11am hour’s Reception Walk and it was very nice. A few laps around the lobby, a strange glance from the Head Partner, and I feel a little better for having done it. The blood is lightly percolating.

Next week, Reception Yoga?

As Faryn and I take step after step toward launching this new sweets company, I’m getting glimpses of my life a year from now. I imagine waking up around 8 or 9, putting on some coffee and taking the dog for a walk. (We don’t currently have a dog, but Kevin agreed that if I find myself working from home, we can get one! Yes! My mom’s gonna be so jealous.) After that I’ll do some yoga, make myself some breakfast, read the paper and then head back out to bake the day’s orders. Faryn and I will meet at the local commercial kitchen that we rent by the hour. Maybe I’ll get there a few minutes before she does – turn on the radio and set up the ingredients. We’ll spend a few hours handmaking all of the sweets our customers have requested and then maybe, if we have time, we’ll try a new recipe we’re considering as an addition to the spring line. After that, I’ll meet a friend for coffee or I’ll go for a run, with the dog of course. Maybe I’ll meet up with Kevin for a late lunch or just have a little nap. Then I’ll settle in at my desk to do some paperwork for the business and finish my article for The Magazine For Which I’m Freelancing. Finally, I’ll make my way into Manhattan in time for a comedy rehearsal or show.

Seems so nice…I’m just going to keep picturing it until it becomes a reality. In the meantime, I should probably go get a dog this weekend so I can check that off the list. Right, Kev?


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