I have been intending to write a little less about the business and a little more about any and all other topics, but Fanny & Jane is occupying most of my mental space right now. And by most, I mean every square inch.

Faryn came over last night to work on F&J, Billy came over to work with Kevin on an entirely separate project, and Daniel came over to enjoy some of our sweet treats for his birthday. (Happy 29th, Dan!) The lively energy in the apartment, even at midnight, was palpable.

It was a good night for Fanny & Jane. We made some great strides with our sweets, I did a little improvising which led us to something unexpected and yummy, Faryn had a long phone conversation with our awesome designer, we settled on a tagline (Finally! Thanks, Bill.), and we didn’t spray buttercream all over the kitchen. So we made some important progress.

Then after everyone left, I got into bed, and while all the pots and pans lay drying in the dish rack, while tupperware containers filled with cookies, bars and creams sat stacked in the fridge, while my body literally buzzed with exhaustion, soreness and satisfaction, I was reminded that the only real way to launch a labor of love is to enjoy it in the moment.

Naturally, we’d like to get somewhere with it, we have goals and ambitions that I firmly believe we will achieve, but what matters most is what’s happening now. Spending the night mixing, stirring, measuring and bickering, watching our friends grin and gladly chew away on our creations, listening to happy brainstorming chatter, and feeling completely wiped out from a full day of living a double life – these are the reasons to pursue these dreams and goals. These moments. No matter what success might come our way, the greatest joys are these moments.

Oprah knows what I mean.


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