reception walks: week 2

“Everyone with a camera eventually takes this shot. I don’t know why.” -photographer Keith Huang on self-shoe-portraits

Last week, I wrote about trying to get up and move around a bit more during the work day. Spending my day at the reception desk doesn’t lend itself to much natural movement. So I’ve decided to be a little more active at least once an hour – and take a Reception Walk.

It turns out that these sessions have morphed into Reception Calisthenics, as I should have known they would. Like most chronic exercise enthusiasts, I find that I develop a craving for any new physical activity that I do. And usually the craving increases exponentially the more often I perform the activity. Like lately, I’m really into running stairs. I’ll go for an outdoor jog, happen upon some stairs, and run up and down them for a few minutes until I get bored with it. But on Sunday’s jog, I happened upon some really appealing stairs and I ran them for who knows how long. Twenty minutes? Thirty? I couldn’t stop, it just felt nice. (I was also on sinus medicine posing as adderall, so maybe that had something to do with it.)

The point is, I’m now taking full advantage of the time and space that being at the reception desk offers to my exercise routine. I’m doing squats, lunges, calf lifts, push-ups against the wall, even jumping jacks – just in little 5-10 minute intervals. I look forward to it every hour. I’m anticipating the moment when someone catches me doing vertical jumps and plank poses behind my desk. I recently got “caught” doing yoga in an empty office one night after the work day ended. There’s no way for that not to be embarrassing, ya know?

When I run a company someday, I’m going to institute exercise breaks every couple of hours. Although, that might really limit productivity since the office hours at my company will be 11:30am-2:15pm.


5 thoughts on “reception walks: week 2

  1. 12+3*4.

    12 minutes of work + 3 minutes of pushups, done 4 times = one hour of stuff accomplished at work. Repeat all day (except lunch. go eat something, will ya?).

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