Remember Elizabeth Blue? Blue was the first (and so far, only) contributor to my guest book segment. I found this photo on her facebook page. I hope she doesn’t kill me for posting it, but I love it. I had to.

Anyway, Blue wrote a fantastic guest post a few months ago for follow my bliss which, she said, inspired her to start her own blog!! She told me that the process of writing that guest post was exciting and scary, that she wasn’t sure if she felt comfortable sharing all sorts of personal thoughts and feelings with perfect strangers, especially on the internet. She said that she chose to be brave about it anyway, write the post, and just let go of the worry that people would judge her. I’m so glad she did because it was a great post.

Apparently that all reminded her that she already had the courage and motivation to start writing more and more for the whole world to read. To me, that’s what the journey to find one’s bliss is all about – walking through an open door and seeing where you find yourself.

I love reading Blue’s new blog. She’s smart, insightful, humble and funny. Reading her feels like hanging out with your favorite down-to-earth girlfriend.  Everything she writes is very real and she expresses vulnerable pieces of herself – she inspires me to be more brave with my writing.

One of my favorite aspects of her blog is her desire to help herself and other people find happiness and wellness in their lives. She has a resources page entitled NYC Health & Happiness Resources (on a budget) where she provides links to and descriptions of exactly what the title implies. From acupuncture to improv, it’s all there. I imagine, and I think she does too, that guiding other people toward seeking their own wellness is going to play a major role in her life someday, probably sooner than later.

Blue and I share the philosophy that you can create movement and change in your life just by setting an intention and putting it out into the universe, so to speak. Whenever I say stuff like that, I worry that it sounds cheesy or new-agey, but I’m going to let that worry go. So let me reitterate: I fully believe in the power and energy of setting an intention.

Blue generously wrote this on her blog a few days ago:

Through the act of putting a goal or desire out there, things happen! My friend Jen is an example of this. Jen started her blog with the intention of leaving her desk job and finding her true bliss. Because of this, movement is happening in her life! Now, it is not a question of “if” she will leave her day job, it is “when.”

What a thrilling process to see happen. We really do have so much power to bring what we want into our lives. Inevitably we will be surprised by the outcome, and the final product of our intentions could be different than we had the capacity to dream of in the beginning. But there’s simply no way things can just stay the same, if we put our intentions out there and faithfully pursue them.

She’s a wise young lady. And I know she’s going to achieve all the things she hopes to achieve in her life. Because “there’s simply no way things can just stay the same, if we put our intentions out there and faithfully pursue them.”


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