Kev and I are leaving work early today and hoppin on a jet plane! We won’t be back until Monday. This rules. We are both very excited to be taking a vacation from work and from the city – like most people, we love to get away and we always come back from trips feeling refreshed. I can’t say too much about the nature of the trip quite yet, so I’ll explain later. I’m sure you’ll be holding your breath…

A few odds and ends:

I got up this morning and went for a run around Prospect Park. I love that park and I run around it a lot, but I never go in the morning. Because honestly? Who’s getting out of bed to go running? (Not me, is one answer.) But Kevin and I committed to helping each other wake up early this morning so we could finish a few last minute things. Once I was outside, I was in heaven. It was sunny, brisk and clear – perfect for running. The birds were cliche-ly chirping away and lots of people were out walking themselves or their dogs. It was a really great way to begin my day.Β  I hope to continue the trend as the weather warms. Also, the idea of being done with my workout by 8:30am is a welcome change to having to squeeze it into the middle of the day.

The weather in New York this weekend is supposed to be stunning. Mid-80s and cloudless. Can I just say, New York? I’m pissed at you for this. First of all, you know how much I love 80 degree temperatures. It’s the weather of my dreams. When I die, my afterlife will be sunny and 80s all the time except for Christmas time. So why have you chosen the first full weekend of glorious weather to be the one weekend I’m decidedly out of town? Yes, yes, I realize that everyone else will still get to enjoy it, but what about me? Don’t you know I have a blog? Second of all, it was 45 degrees just three days ago. I feel manipulated. That said, I really do hope all you New Yorkers get a chance to enjoy this weekend. This city is going to be delightfully abuzz with people in barely-any-clothing soaking up the sunshine and warmth in a real way for the first time this year. And I’m insanely jealous. Okay. I’m done. I’m done talking about the weather.

I’m going to miss the new kitten while we’re away. She’s becoming very snuggly and social lately. I hope she and Chawser enjoy the freedom from their parents who are constantly smooching them. Also, I am a cat lady. Kevin might be a cat lady too.

Due to the nature of the trip I’m taking, I get to do some Fanny & Jane baking by myself while I’m away. Meanwhile, due to the fact that we’ve gotten another custom cake order which needs to be ready by Friday afternoon, Faryn is also going to be baking by herself here in New York! This is exciting. It’s also a little scary. I enjoy being in the kitchen making sweets – it’s very soothing to me because it’s quiet time during which I’m focused on a singular task, and completing that task gives me a sense of accomplishment. But the planning, especially when you’re doing a lot of baking at once, sometimes feels like a big Rubik’s cube. For this weekend, I wasn’t sure how else to prepare but to make an entire schedule that reads something like “While the brownies cool, make the buttercream frosting. While the frosting sets, melt the chocolate and dip the cake bites. While the cake bites set, make the caramel sauce.” Yikes. Kevin has graciously agreed to help me and I’m giving myself an entire day to make a bunch of stuff so I should be fine. Faryn and I will both take plenty of photos so you can see the simultaneous Fanny & Jane-ing as it takes place.

Check out Faryn’s account of the upcoming weekend here.


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