happy long weekend

I know I’m not alone in being so grateful for the long weekend ahead of me. Why is that just one more day of weekend makes it seem like a full-fledged vacation? As yummy as this egg white omelet sandwich was when I ate it at work last week for breakfast (I’m still not allowed to eat at my own desk, but I was covering for a coworker in the back of the office, so it was allowed…) I will enjoy the freedom of consuming all my meals away from the desk job this weekend. And I can’t wait to revel in that simple pleasure.

Unlike a lot of our friends, Kev and I are not traveling anywhere this weekend. At first I was a little bummed about that – travel envy, you know – but now I’m really glad that we’ll have some freetime in our city.Β  I love New York on these warm holiday weekends. About half the people go out of town and the city becomes a whole different type of playground – an emptier one.

We hope to get some much-needed spring cleaning done, but otherwise, I’m gonna let myself be surprised! Holiday weekend style!


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