let’s go!

I made a brilliant decision today. I requested a couple days off from the desk job in July. And they’re the days right after the Fourth of July weekend, which means I’m gonna have a 5 day vacay! YES. I’m not entirely sure what I’ll do with the time off, although I’m secretly hoping it will involve a beach that isn’t in New York. (For the Non-New Yorkers: We have lots of beaches here, did you know that?! They’re very nice, in fact. And very easy to get to from the city. But you know where else is easy to get to from the city? Florida.)

Daniel (my good friend and old roommate) and Kevin and I took a mini-vacation to Florida last year and we had a blast. We stayed at a fancy resort, drove around in a convertible and spent an arm and a leg getting our vacay on. Still, I think I’m gonna have to leave Daniel at home this year. Kevin and Daniel are great friends, but when last year’s resort staff called them both “Mr. Curran”, things got a little confusing…


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