daily dessert

Camera drama ’09 continues – I will make some positive advances on that front this weekend – for everyone’s sake. This photo is courtesy of the website, Blisstree.

Kevin and I enjoyed a really lovely date last night for his birthday. We went to dinner at a small, adorable (and very noisy!) Italian place in the East Village called Bianca where the food was delicious and really cheap.

Then we took a longgggg walk all around town, window shopping,Β  chatting and scouting out different bakeries so that I might select an evening sweet treat. After passing dozens of acceptable sweets options, I ended up grabbing a slice of tiramisu at Whole Foods of all places. I was having an indecisive dessert evening.

We caught a late showing of The Hangover where we laughed and ate popcorn and shared the tiramisu. It was very yummy and its various textures and flavors really hit the spot.

Then we stumbled into a taxi, exhausted and damp (the rain will never end, I fear) and happy to be heading home to our very hungry cats. Morning came way too quickly.

Kev said he’d really enjoyed his birthday, and I’m so glad. I got him a bike. And some pretty flowers. And we’ll spend the weekend together, sunning ourselves (right, rain?), relaxing and enjoying friends.


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