this is summer

It’s a steamy, slimy, soaking wet morning here in New York. Just for the record, it’s been raining on and off (and mostly on) for the last – oh – three weeks? A month? Since people who don’t live in New York read this blog, I wanted you all to see what we’re enduring here in the Big Apple. We have yet to enjoy a consistent string of nice days during the month of June. I eagerly check the weather report each morning and, met with disappoint each and every time, I just shake my head and laugh. Oh silly city. You’re at it again. You’re RAIN. Let’s move to Seattle where I hear it’s actually quite delightful this time of year. Yeah, the ol’ Seattle joke. We’ve all been telling that joke a lot lately. “What is this, Seattle? Where are we, London?”

No, of course it’s not the end of the world. I’m just being dramatic. (Yes, me.) But I think I can speak for all of us when I say we’d really like some sunshine. Do you hear me month of June? New York City? God? Whomsoever is taking the orders, we’d really like some sun.

One saving grace is – get this – it keeps clearing up for at least one weekend day, sometimes both days. That’s such a nice little treat. It makes it seem rude to complain too much about the yucky weekday weather.  But I have to say that the consistency of this pattern, the coincidence of it all – rainy all work week and sunny on the weekends – makes me wonder if someone is trying to teach us a lesson. Now the question is, what’s the lesson? Be grateful for what you have because you never know when it will go away…? or It could be worse…? or If you’re thinking of quitting your job, don’t quit prematurely just so you can enjoy the sunny weather this summer because there will BE no sunny weather this summer…?

Fine. Point taken. But I hope I get something special at Christmas to make up for this mess. I hope we all do. You guys, let’s try to get new bikes out of the deal.


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