daily dessert

Dessert after dinner last night (an amazing fajita dinner from my second favorite Mexican restaurant in Brooklyn) was the last cupcake I’d picked up yesterday at the Cupcake Stop. This little guy was an oreo mini cupcake – it wasn’t nearly as good as the other two flavors I sampled yesterday. I don’t think I’ll be getting this one again. But like I mentioned, the pop-in-your-mouth nature of the cupcake truck’s mini cupcakes DO hit the spot when you need a small but special treat.

I also had a little something sweet after lunch earlier in the day.

This organic, raw energy bar… (It wasn’t great, but it wasn’t terrible either. My favorite of these types of bars is the Lara Bar. But I’ll think I’ll try a few other flavors of the Pure Bar before my verdict is in. Their cherry cashew flavor appeals to me.)

Picture 11116

…along with some coffee and a cream cheese cookie. What a civilized afternoon dessert plate!

Picture 11120

And then, around 10pm, I made a double batch of red velvet cake for a Fanny & Jane order. I didn’t eat any of it though. I wanted to, but I didn’t. I did taste test the cream cheese frosting because that’s part of the job, people.

Picture 11128

Oh, and one last bit of news – I’m very excited to announce that follow my bliss has become a Foodbuzz featured publisher! Foodbuzz is an awesome community of foodies and food bloggers, and I’m really happy to be joining their crew.

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