daily dessert


I enjoyed one of the most overly-scheduled days I’ve had in recent memory yesterday. In fact, I wasn’t even sure I was gonna get to have dessert! I won’t get into the details, but I basically had somewhere to be almost every other hour, on the hour, from 11am to 12midnight. It was wild. It was actually a really fun day, but so busy. I slept HARD last night.

One of the items on my schedule was to attend a one-man show performed by my friend and former teacher, Ali Farahnakian. Ali owns The PIT, he’s about to open another business, a rehearsal studio called Simple Studios, and he’s been generously giving me some really helpful advice regarding Fanny & Jane. He asked Faryn and I to prepare a batch of our red velvet cake bites so that he could share them with the audience at his show!

The show was hilarious and everyone had a great time. And the cake bites seemed to go over very well. We set them out on a really cool cake stand that Faryn, our executive shopper, discovered in the Union Square area.  Ali chatted our sweets up to his audience, for which we were very grateful, and then we passed them out to the crowd. I accidentally ended up with two! Shh. Everyone was supposed to get only one. Woops. I ate both of them.

So that was my dessert yesterday. And I’d like to humbly say that it was quite delicious.

Oh yeah, and speaking of cake bites! – Faryn revealed our newest addition to the Fanny & Jane cake bite crew! Check out her announcement. Exciting stuff for a coupla baker-girls.

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