daily dessert


Picture 040

After a disappointing bite of a weird organic cookie bar type thing I bought at Whole Foods after my yoga class last night, I decided to forego what was about to be a lame dessert and indulge in a finger bowl of Ben & Jerry’s Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough ice cream again. This stuff never disappoints.

And guess what? I’d been saving a little leftover cake (not pictured) for just this sort of occasion so I put a spoonful of that in the bowl too, creating one of my very favorite flavors since childhood – the basic birthday party marriage of cake and ice cream. It reminded me of being 7-years old, spooning melty bites of moist sugar-drenched richness off my Care Bears party plate and into my gaping, toothless grin.

The 18 seconds it took me to eat my dessert last night were pure heaven.

Picture 042

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