Edit: After further consideration, the painfully boring post I published earlier today about changes happening at my desk job will not do. I have decided that I shall not waste this blog on long entries about desk jobs. The following has been edited to tell you only the essential details:

I work at a law firm during the day. I used to be an assistant. Then they made cut backs and changes. So I became an assistant AND a receptionist.

It was fine, at times enjoyable.

It also sucked. But not really.

I had a lot of free time. But I couldn’t go to the bathroom without asking permission. And there were no windows.

A woman who works in my office is taking a two month leave of absence due to an injury.

I hope it will help her get better.

And so I don’t have to be the receptionist for the rest of the summer.

I’m going to be doing her job while she’s away. She assists the CEO. He sometimes asks people to get him bottles of water or forks from the kitchen.

It will be fine. Busier and less free time. But it will be fine.



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