daily dessert


I had some errands to run on my lunch break yesterday. Namely, I had to travel down to 25th and Broadway to exchange a few things with Faryn. And since I love the restaurant Chickpea, I decided to swing by while I was in the neighborhood. And after that, since I am a sucker for a sweet treat I’ve never tried before, I found myself walking right by the new cupcake truck again, where I selected two mini peanut butter and jelly cupcakes: one for me, one for Faryn.

These little cupcakes had a jelly center, which was a delighful treat. Also, the peanut butter frosting was tasty. I didn’t care for the cake part though, which tasted bland and unremarkable to me. But as a pre-lunch dessert, it was yummy.

Oh and also, the SUN was finally out yesterday! It made me really happy.


2 thoughts on “daily dessert

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