they’ve arrived!

Remember when my daily dessert a week or two ago was an M&M cookie from Au Bon Pain? Well, I received a sweet email from Donna, the Hospitality Manager of the company – she’d seen the entry and said she was going to send me some cookies as a thank you for having mentioned them on my blog!

I’ve never experienced this perk of blogging before, so I was very excited. (Don’t worry, I’m not going to start mentioning things I like just to get them for free. That would be a smooth move, but it’s not really my style. Plus, I don’t think anyone’s gonna mail me a puppy. Unless…?)

Anyway, as promised, the lovely box of cookies from Donna arrived yesterday! She sent them to me  in a cool gift box type thing that I plan to keep and maybe decorate? Or use as a hat box? You know, for all the hats.

Picture 054

I actually didn’t realize that Au Bon Pain has a gift basket line, but they do. Interesting.

(Gift baskets. Fanny & Jane. My wheels are turning.)

Along with the cookies and the cool box, Donna also sent me a very nice note AND a coupon for a free lunch! I thought that was really generous.

I sampled half of a cookie this afternoon. It was yummy. Thank you, Donna!

Picture 056


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