this can’t be real

Have you heard of this? I can’t believe it. It’s a company that lets you CREATE YOUR OWN ICE CREAM. What?! I’m in love.

It’s called eCreamery and their site says:

Welcome to eCreamery β€” the online custom ice cream & gelato shop where you choose your own flavors, mix-ins, packaging, even your own ice cream name. So go ahead, make it sweet. Or make it spicy. Make it for a friend. Or make it for yourself. At eCreamery, the options are endless, the flavors are fresh and best of all β€” you rule the scoop.

You should really check out their website because the photos of their ice cream will make your mouth water.

Apparently this company is based out of Omaha, Nebraska and besides their eCreamery, they are also a “small boutique ice cream parlor in the heart of Omaha,” which makes me want to move to Omaha because good ice cream parlors do not come along every day.


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