daily dessert

Picture 058

Patriotic edition.

I grabbed this cookie yesterday from a lunch place near my office called Dishes. It’s one of those standard lunch places – they have a handful of New York locations, including a kiosk type thing in Grand Central. I’m generally not a fan of these midtown lunch places, but I like this one. I think their food is a lot better than the usual sandwich/salad chain. And their buffet lunch options are always really yummy and *not* swimming in baths of their own oil and grease.

Too graphic?

I cannot remember the last time I chose an iced sugar cookie for dessert. Of all the delectable options available when choosing a sweet treat, why go for the iced sugar cookie? It’s almost never that good, almost always really hard or stale and the frosting usually disappoints. And after the first bite I took of this pretty little flag cookie I thought, Yup. Gross. What a waste of my dessert.

But then it grew on me. And a few bites later I was really gobbling it up. I might even consider going back to get another one sometime soon. How quickly the tides turned! It was yummy! Plus, it was pretty.

Moral: Give the basic iced sugar cookie another try. Might be tasty. Plus, pretty and/or celebratory.

Picture 059


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