daily dessert


I didn’t post a daily dessert for Saturday! Whhhaaaat?!

I baked all day long that day. It was fun and exhausting and I didn’t stop handling sweets until 3am. And then there was cleaning up and decompressing to do before I could sleep, so I got in bed a good hour later. Yikes. But after spending all day Sunday sitting in the hot sun at a flea market, I went to bed at 10pm last night and slept like a rock. It was fantastic.

I didn’t really eat much to begin with on Saturday, so I guess my dessert that day was a variety of sweets that I sampled as I baked. You know, to make sure they weren’t poisionous.

Before I got in bed last night, I made a brilliant decision. As a reward for working my butt off all weekend long, I bought myself one of my own packaged wares – the chewy chocolate graham bar – and I ate the whole entire thing while laying in my pajamas on my couch. It was to die for. Those bars are probably my favorite Fanny & Jane sweet, but I don’t think I’ve ever eaten a full-sized one all by myself. It was heavenly and I realize I’m biased, but you guys, they are decadently delicious.

Picture 017


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