daily dessert

Please pardon the less than appealing photo. I bought this yogurt smoothie while running errands on my lunch break yesterday. When I hopped on the subway to head back to the office, I discovered that I was drinking the thing so quickly (because it was delicious) that if I didn’t snap a grainy blackberry picture right away, there’d be nothing left to photograph. As it was, it required great discipline to pry myself away from it for the 12 seconds it took me to find my blackberry.

The smoothie was from Red Mango. Of all the new frozen yogurt places popping up lately, Red Mango is my favorite. I’m not sure why I prefer them above some of the others, but I do.

(Speaking of frozen yogurt, remember the TCBY craze of the 80’s? Why didn’t speciality frozen yogurt shops take off then? Now you can’t walk a block without finding one. It’s strange how things like that happen. What’s popular today might not have had a chance in the market twenty years ago. A slightly crazy lady I met on Sunday in Williamsburg told me, while shaking her leg and chain smoking cigarettes, that she invented a recipe for dairy-free cheesecakes fifteen years ago that people really loved. She almost had to fist fight someone over the recipe, her friend Lenny Kravitz promised to star in commercials for the cheesecakes because he loved them so much that he got excited – yes, like that – when he ate them, and she was a single mom with three kids, but she’d stay up until 4am baking her cakes. She couldn’t keep up with all the orders. Ultimately however, she was ahead of her time and the world wasn’t ready for her dairy-free cheesecakes, she said. Fifteen years ago, who cared about dairy-free. And now, people want dairy-free everything. They’re gonna come knocking on her door, she said. And she’s gonna be ready. She’s gonna shock everybody. Maybe I believed every word she said.)

My smoothie was something Red Mango calls a “blender.” I rarely, if ever, order milkshakes or smoothies but I needed some lunch and nothing sounded appealing. It was too hot outside for real food and at 250 calories this was the perfect solution. They let you select your ingredients – I chose original flavor frozen yogurt and I added blueberries (a superfood!), raspberries and dark chocolate chips. I loved it. I will be getting it again.


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