odds and ends

Here are some odds and ends that might not otherwise make it onto the blog. Upon further review this list might be slightly self-focused. So skip the entry if you’re not into reading useless details about someone else’s existence. I won’t hold it against you.

  • It’s finally summer – the rain has mostly stopped, it’s hot and muggy, the sun is shining. It makes me very happy.
  • Kev’s just getting over some kind of flu bug that hit him hard over the weekend. He’s feeling a bit better today. Also, I love him.
  • I miss my mom. She’s nice and she smells nice.
  • I just ate a most enjoyable organic lunch involving avocados, hummus and rice pudding. There was more to it than that, but those were the highlights. I always feel noticeably different after eating a whole, sustainable meal, as opposed to one that’s not. It can be time consuming to find healthy, natural foods to eat, but when I’m able to make it happen I’m always glad. 
  • Speaking of food, Kevin and I are trying – oh for the eight hundredth time – to grocery shop and eat the food we buy. What a simple concept! Why is it next to impossible for us to accomplish this? Maybe it’s this City of Amazing Take Out Food, which makes it entirely too easy to keep only ketchup in one’s fridge. Or maybe it’s how genuinely busy Kevin and I are these days, often spending time in our apartment only during the hours we’re sleeping. I’m quick to assume it’s because I’m lazy and bad with my money. But I’m not! I’m really not! Also, a trip home from the grocery store in New York City is a cardio and weight training workout rolled into one.
  • I will leave the office this Thursday at 3pm and I won’t return for almost a week. YES. I’m really looking forward to the break. I have no real plans other than to avoid work of any kind unless it’s exercise (or maybe housework because come on, our apartment is a mess).
  • Even though I haven’t really regarded him on any level for several years now, I miss Michael Jackson.
  • I am a daydream fanatic these days; everything I see leads me to yearn for, miss or wonder about something else. I want to be on a boat in a river or a lake in the Midwest. I want to go swimming. I want to be on a vacation with my mom. I want to have a car to drive around to shops and markets. I want to go see movies. I want to have a picnic outside while listening to a symphony. I want to live in California. I want to live in London. I don’t even like London. I’m a weirdo. What I have is really nice too, but these are my inner workings. They like to daydream.
  • The cats are adorable and also very hot in their fur outfits these days. The little one chirps and squeaks and squawks all day long. She loves to be pet and to nuzzle heads.
  • Sitting in the back part of the office at my desk job is relatively awesome and I can see windows from where I sit and it’s great. Sometimes my boss surprises me with how mean he is. Sometimes he surprises me with how nice he is.
  • I need a new bathing suit.
  • I like to shop at big department stores.
  • I miss my cousin Trisha and her twitter updates make me laugh. I wish we lived closer to each other.
  • I love going to the PIT on Wednesday nights.
  • I just reread Animal Farm for a project HST is doing later this summer. When I read it originally, I was probably 14 years old and I was visiting New York City for the first time. My grandmother and mother discovered (through coercion) that I was to have the book read for a school assignment due a few days later and I hadn’t even started it yet. So I had to stay behind and read it one night while most everyone else went to see a play. That sucked. What a sad book. I finished my reread a few days ago and now I miss the Animals, especially Boxer who was such a good guy.
  • It seems like I miss a lot of things. I’m a sucker for that nostalgic feeling.

One thought on “odds and ends

  1. your grandma is a wicked woman! and just for the record, that book is not about animals!in addition, i miss my daughter too and those trips. maybe we can do a new orleans excursion around my birthday..
    love m

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