I snapped these shots on a lovely evening back in April while walking down Bedford Avenue in Williamsburg (I was headed to Marina‘s apartment for a delicious Passover Seder!) and they remind me of the interesting and colorful city I’m lucky to call home.





Kevin and I have both taken a couple days off work and we have big plans to do whatever strikes us. Rather than spend the money on a trip somewhere, we’ve decided to stay in town to relax and enjoy summer in the city. We’ve even rented a car for two of the days so we can do some shopping and some joy riding. I’m really looking forward to it.

The desk job, although still not what I want to be doing with my time, is not bothering me so much lately (especially now that I’m enjoying a more pleasant role while I cover for my coworker during her leave of absence).  Also, the distraction I’m afforded by keeping up follow my bliss and working hard on Fanny & Jane makes it all more tolerable. Overall, I am grateful to be earning a salary and maintaining a routine – it’s an important factor for me right now as I work toward these goals and dreams.

Still, the desk job will forever be the desk job – the people, the hours, the computer time, the fluorescent lights – it can all still wear on me. So I’m happy to have a break from it all.

In other good news, at the tail end of Day Two: Stomach Bug 2009, I’m FEELING BETTER! WAHOOOO! Like I said before, this bug was fast and furious, but I’m actually feeling well enough to eat a meal tonight and the ability to do that is a gift from God that I will never again underestimate. It’s also the best way to kick off this little staycation of mine – FOOD.

Happy Fourth of July, everyone. I hope you are able to enjoy fireworks, barbeques and friends and family for the holiday.


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