last day of staycation


…and I will NOT be spending it on this computer.

But I wanted to say hello and tell you that I’ve been having a wonderful time. No matter what filled these days, the time away from the usual routine would have been enough to help me reset, but I’m so lucky to have had a lot of fun and to have gotten a lot done during this time.

We’ve gone swimming twice, we’ve spent time with friends and family, we’ve bought ourselves some new clothes and new furniture and we’ve finally – after a year of living together – found somewhere to keep all the shoes we own.

We stayed up late last night rearranging the kitchen a little bit and it looks wonderful. There’s more to do in the living room and bedroom, but it will get done and it feels so great to be making some changes.

I dropped the rental car off this morning after spending an hour zipping around Brooklyn. But first I gratefully took two huge bags of clothes to the salvation army, bought myself two cute cheap dresses off their racks and then happened upon an adorable bakery next door where I bought today’s dessert (wait until you see this) and quietly observed the goings on of a privately owed Brooklyn sweets shop.

Chawser claimed the salvation army dresses for himself the moment I laid them on the bed.


I’m off to enjoy the rest of this beautiful day with a little exercise and some more putzing around the house.

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