daily dessert


This amazing little cake is from that darling bakery I stumbled upon yesterday while dropping off our old clothes at the Salvation Army – it’s called Betty Bakery.


I’d walked by this place once before but it was closed at the time. So I was delighted to find it open yesterday and to discover that they do much more than just the fancy and enormous cakes they display in the window. (Fancy enormous cakes are great, but I can’t buy one to eat after dinner.) (No. I can’t.) (Don’t challenge me.)


Betty Bakery has some really unique sweets on display in their tiny shop. They make a “ring-a-ding,” which is their version of the Hostess Ring Ding and they also make a Twinkie type sweet that they call a “twink.” I thought that was such a cute idea, so I chose the ring-a-ding and it was delicious – the chocolate that enrobed the creme filled cake was thick and smooth just like a real ring ding, but better! The cake and creme were very yummy too.


I also bought a chocolate cupcake to have sometime later this week. I didn’t realize until I walked out of the bakery that I’d just purchased two chocolatey cakey type items from a bakery filled with new and interesting sweets options. I could have chosen any one of several yummy looking cookies, pie slices or bars that I’ve never had before and instead I chose two of almost the exact same thing. Pretty boring of me, but I’m not made of wood, people. It was a high pressure situation at that cash register while I tried to discreetly snap photos, choose sweets, chat up the cashier girl and generally pay close attention to all the details. So I panicked and ordered what drew me in. I guess, at the end of the day, I’m in it for the chocolate. I will be going back to this place, so I’ll branch out then.

Look how cute!




6 thoughts on “daily dessert

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  2. Do you want to do a Chicago sweets edition? I’d be happy to show you some really excellent bakeries… they’re everywhere here!


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