daily dessert

Picture 009

This is the pretty little cupcake I picked up at Betty Bakery earlier this week. I like the silver and colored sprinkle combination.

I was baking a pan of dark chocolate brownies for a Fanny & Jane order on Wednesday night so the whole house was filled with a most enticing warm chocolate aroma. And Kevin who rarely, if ever, craves sweet stuff must have become intoxicated by it because he said, “Can I have one of your brownies before bed?”  I had to tell him no! Aww. I felt bad, but the entire pan was promised to one of Faryn’s coworkers for her birthday so I didn’t have a choice.

Instead I offered him half of the Betty Bakery cupcake I’d been saving. He seemed to really enjoy it and he too admired the sprinkles. I tucked away the other half for later and I finally ate it last night, along with two other small desserties – a bowl of fresh fruit and a little bite from my aforementioned brownie pan – it was a piece too misshapen to be included in the batch for Faryn’s coworker, but not too misshapen to be joyfully consumed by yours truly. (Sorry, Kev.)

Picture 011

Picture 012

The brownie*, topped by request with ganache and decorative white frosting, was very yummy although a bit dry from having spent the whole day battling the humidity on my kitchen counter. The fresh fruit was delicious and really hit the spot. And the cupcake – well, I wasn’t impressed.

Since I really liked the ring-a-ding I had from Betty Bakery a few days ago, and since so many of their other treats looked really unique and yummy, I don’t believe this disappointing cupcake is a true reflection of their wares. It wasn’t awful, just nothing special and the chocolate wasn’t very good.

Can’t win ’em all.

*So about brownies: Faryn’s coworker is vegan and she ordered two pans of brownies from us for her birthday – a regular pan and an eggless pan. We’d never made anything eggless before and considering that a pan of our regular brownies uses six eggs (!) it was a potential challenge. But Faryn did some research, found the right ingredients, had a few moments of panic (but that’s nothing new) and ultimately ended up with an INCREDIBLY DELICIOUS pan of eggless brownies! I only had a small taste when I stopped by her office to drop off the regular brownie batch, but that was all I needed to wonder if holy cow, am I a vegan? (No. No way.) So congrats to Faryn who deserves a huge round of applause for inventing our very own Fanny & Jane Dark Chocolate Eggless Brownies! YAY!


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