daily dessert

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Faryn and I were just wrapping up our Wednesday night “lemonade” stand at the PIT last night, when a guy I’d never met before swept into the room and pulled this giant cake out of a cake box and then basically disappeared into thin air.

Okay, not exactly. I did manage to find out that his name is AJ and he works at Crumbs and hangs out at the PIT and he just thought it would be nice to bring a (free!) custom-decorated Crumbs black-out cake to the PIT for everyone to enjoy!! He also set out two of those massive Crumbs cupcakes, and a bunch of forks and napkins. What a guy! He really did kinda disappear after that – maybe he went into the theater to see the show or maybe he went home, I’m not sure – but he left everyone drooling and abuzz. Like Santa but with chocolate instead of toys.

Exhausted from a long day and anticipating another long night ahead of me, the cake was like a glorious present from above. You might think I’d feel mildly competitive that this amazing looking free cake from a big name successful bakery had taken over our little card table moments after our Fanny & Jane sweets went back into their tupperwares, but you’d be wrong. The more cake the merrier, I say. So I grabbed a knife and personally cut into it like some sort of rabid animal who needs the cacoa bean to survive, taking a piece much larger than I really needed or wanted. But free cake! I’m only human.

The PIT night manager, Mike, a great guy who could not be more helpful, kind or pleasant if he tried, showed Faryn and me that the little table around which we were huddled to share the cake actually contained a secret stowaway scrabble board leaf.  So we ate on a triple word score.

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Faryn wasn’t that into the cake – she didn’t care for the frosting. I sort of agreed with her, I thought the frosting tasted a little fake. But that didn’t stop me from having several heaping forkfuls. I mentioned to Faryn as I scarfed my portion down, “A year ago, I would have loved this cake. But now I’m such a sweets snob, that I only think it’s okay.” She agreed. To be fair, it was still very yummy.

It made me realize, that sometimes being a sweets snob is silly. It was good cake. Good chocolate blackout cake. Never turn down cake.

Thank you, AJ, whoever and where ever you are!

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2 thoughts on “daily dessert

  1. I had a slice of that baby too! I was lookin for you guys after the 10pm show to get one of those cookie sandwiches with a much cuter name that I am dying to try. But I will have to wait for another week. 🙂

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