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Picture 094

On Saturday, I (naturally) showed my mom and Tom around Red Hook, since it’s my new favorite NYC locale. Besides introducing them to the food vendors and the Ikea esplanade and shipyard, we were able to wander around to lots of neato places in the neighborhood that Kevin and I hadn’t seen yet. The waterfront right near the Fairway Market is so beautiful – there’s an Art Show with live music (we didn’t see it, but we read about it) and a little walkway right along the water where a few artisans have set up tables. And the Fairway, ever-impressive, has a little cafe that sits right on the water. If you could be sure that the foot traffic would be sufficient,  it would be one of the most interesting spots to open a store.

We saw lots of For Sale signs on the houses and storefronts and brand new bars and restaurants that had faith that the area would only continue to grow. It certainly does feel like it’s just on the brink of becoming saturated with new residents. There were also some well-established shops and eateries that seemed to be doing well just servicing the existing community. We stopped into a diner called Hope & Anchor for some snacks and drinks – Kevin ordered a Ruben Sandwich that was to die for and my mom and Tom enjoyed chatting up the bartenders. I stared out the window, as I tend to do.

Of course, we had to stop by Baked again. We each got a little something – a vanilla cupcake, a chocolate chip cookie, a mint chocolate cookie and a grasshopper bar, which is a layer of brownie crust, a melty layer of some kind of minty frosting or cream, and a layer of chocolate ganache. Every single thing was delicious. I was particularly fond of the mint chocolate cookie, which was easily one of the best cookies I’ve had in ages. The standard chocolate chip was also excellent.

I’m sorry I didn’t get more pictures of our sweets. I’m lucky I remembered to snap these. I was too busy consuming my weight in sugar.

Picture 095

Picture 096


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