daily dessert

Picture 111

I don’t remember most of Sunday evening.

My mom, Tom, Kevin and I spent the earlier part of the day in one of my favorite ways – walking around Prospect Park and letting the day take us where it may. We all woke up late on Sunday and after a quick breakfast, threw on some gym clothes and headed out to get a little exercise and fresh air. I assumed we’d be gone 40 minutes, maybe an hour, as we made our way around the park walking briskly (and Tom on the bike). But we didn’t end up returning home for four hours!

We first did some walking and ran some stairs, then made our way over to the Dog Beach to watch the poochies swim (Have you ever seen the Prospect Park Dog Beach? You must go. It’s awesome.), then we (I) decided we needed some ice cream. On the recommendation of my friend Desiree, who guest blogged on follow my bliss a few months ago, we found Uncle Louie Gee’s and everyone enjoyed a treat. I got a scoop of vanilla snickers ice cream on a sugar cone and it was very good – I didn’t bring a camera or a phone, so I didn’t get a photo.

We also found an Arab-American festival where we ate delicious chicken gyros. And we happened upon a few sidewalk sales, where I finally bought my first-ever cast iron skillet, something I’ve been desiring for months. They are very expensive in the stores, but this one had never been used by the guy selling it and it only cost me $7! (And I was prepared to pay $10.) Gotta love that.

After being well fed, exercised and infused with the culture of Brooklyn, we headed home and collapsed. We spent the afternoon lounging around, watching TV and eventually sipping delicious fresh fruit vodka smoothies that my mom whipped up. By the time we left the apartment to go get some dinner in Manhattan, we were all pretty warm and chatty from the vodka drinks. They were DEELISH and I hope to make them again. Thanks, Mom!


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