Faryn deserves the Partner of the Month award, because she’s going to be representing Fanny & Jane at two different events all by herself this week!

On Saturday (because I’ll be up in the Berkshires with Kevin’s family for our longstanding summer vacay weekend with the whole crew), Faryn will selling our sweets at a street fair all by her lonesome. More info on that soon, in case you want to stop by.

And tonight! She’s going to be attending a Fashion Week BBQ (fancy!!!!) at a boutique in Soho, where she’ll be offering Fanny & Jane sweets to all the party folk. Faryn tends to be a stylish young lady so I think this will be right up her alley. It promises to be a festive event, especially with food, drinks and a DJ, so if you’re looking for something fun to do on an otherwise boring summer Monday, stop by Operations on Mercer & Broome and say hello to Faryn! And compliment her outfit.


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