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I got home from work last night – late again – and Kevin was out for the evening so the house was empty. That’s heavenly for me.

As much as I enjoyed having my mom and Tom in for the weekend – and I did, we had a great time – and as much as I love to hang out with Kevin, I am a huge alone-time kind of person. I enjoy it, I require it and I crave it when I haven’t had it for a while. Moving in with Kevin was a bit of an adjustment for me in that sense. Sure, I’d lived with roommates before, but I’d never lived with a boyfriend, so I had to get used to recognizing when I needed space and ask him to give it to me. Luckily, we communicate well so he always willingly obliges.

After I kicked my shoes off last night, sifted through the mail (nothing exciting), and spent some time petting the kittens, I decided to take myself for a late night walk. It felt so great to lace up my sneakers and know that the next hour was about nothing but relaxing and moving the bod.

The park was beautiful and even though it was late, I was surprised to see so many people out for jogs or bike rides. I took it easy and walked at a comfortable but brisk pace, breaking into a run for a few minutes here and there, all while enjoying the post-rain sites and smells. I even caught the tale end of a concert at the Prospect Park Bandshell, which provided a lovely live soundtrack to the second half of my walk.

Spending that hour alone in the park, listening to my feet slap against the damp pavement, was so therapeutic for me. I problem-solved some things that have been bothering me lately, made some plans for the near future and even came up with some good thoughts about the distant future. I never set out on walks like that to get any good “thinking” done, but it almost always happens naturally – as my mind enters some kind of endorphin-fueled meditative state, I find myself thinking clearly and optimistically. Never underestimate the psychological benefits of exercise…

Once home, I enjoyed a slice of pizza because I was too tired to cook anything, watched some TV, did some work and crashed into bed after having a nice chat with Kevin, who had since come home. I slept like a rock on our new supersoft sheets and woke up bright and early to make a cake (!) before work this morning.

Again, baking all alone in my kitchen at 7am was wonderful. It was quiet, peaceful and meditative. I sipped my home made iced coffee (one of our new money saving techniques!) and listened to the news while I worked away.

And here I am in the thick of another full day – conference calls, meetings, status reports,  a constantly ringing phone, a lunchtime workout, and a late night filled with a list of places to be and things to do. I don’t say that to complain, because there really does come a point (only every so often, so don’t get used to it) when there’s no room for complaints. It’s just a matter of what is and what isn’t, of what I have yet to do and what I’ve already done. I feel good about the path I’m on. And as long as I get a little of that precious, delicious, amazing alone time along the way, I’ll be just fine.


2 thoughts on “alone

  1. Hi,
    Your blog is like reading my own thoughts at this point in my life.
    I gave up the office grind last week, although my hand was forced a lot because of a bullying aggressive boss. Whilst at first it felt liberating it also feels so scarey to be not working and hard to keep busy and motivated.
    Your blog is a real inspiration and is helping me enourmously in my crossroads.
    Good for you xxx

    • Hi Shirley, Thanks for your comment! I’m glad you’re able to relate to my situation. Congrats on finally being on the other side of a less than ideal situation in YOUR life! Best of luck to you.

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