daily dessert

Picture 124

Ah, yes. My old favorite, Red Mango. I love this place. I had to run down to NY Cake & Baking Distributor, a shop with a long name that is locally famous for carrying anything and everything a baker could ever need. I usually just call it the Cake Shop. But they don’t sell cakes – just to be clear.

Anyway, Red Mango is right around the corner from the cake shop, so I grabbed a small original yogurt and topped it with strawberries, blueberries and Ghiradelli dark chocolate chips. I carried it back uptown through the hot and sticky summer streets, and stuck it in the freezer when I got back to the office, so it was sort of an odd melted/re-frozen mess by the time I ate it. Let me assure you, that did not impact the flavor. It was delicious and very light. I love frozen yogurt with toppings. I could eat it every day…assuming a brownie didn’t lure me away to the dark side first.

I ate my yogurt treat while I did some paperwork. Nothing like a little dessert to perk up a dreary desk job afternoon.

Picture 126


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