daily dessert

I’m writing this from the computer room at the resort we’re visiting in the Berkshires. Kevin’s parents have a time share here and have generously invited us to come spend the weekend with them. They’ve been here, with Kevin’s sister Lisa (hi Lise!) and her husband and son, all week long. Kev and I arrived late last night.

The computer access here is limited at best. The machine I’m on is super slow, and there are two bikini clad 14 year old girls in the computer room with me right now, bickering about their myspace pages.

Dessert yesterday was – get this – a spoonful of chocolate chip cookie dough. I can’t upload photos on this computer, so you can’t see it. But you know what a spoonful of cookie dough looks like, I trust.

It was a busy day at the desk job yesterday and I was stressed out and hurrying to get everything done before I left for a long weekend. At one point, I realized I’d made a batch of cookie dough to give to Faryn so she could bake cookies for the street fair this weekend, and that cookie dough was just sitting in the office fridge, waiting for its moment.Β I decided it would be best if I grabbed myself a taste of it to help sooth my nerves.

It was really good. Sweet, salty, divine. Eating raw cookie dough, as controversial as it may be, is one of life’s simple pleasures.

After a tiring late-night drive last night, Kevin and I are enjoying a lovely stay so far with the family. We just got back from a hike and I think we’ll now spend some time at the pool.

I just found some interesting looking sweet treats at the local “general store” so I’ll share my findings on those tomorrow!


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