daily dessert

Another no-photo day. Ugh. But I have plenty of calorie-laden shots to post when we get home tomorrow evening.

Yesterday’s dessert – despite several delicious options to choose from – ended up being a bowl of ice cream. It was a standard grocery store brand, Turkey Hill I think, that Kevin’s mom picked up at the market earlier in their vacation week. It was a light version, which I’m usually not interested in, but Kevin’s dad had mentioned he’d really enjoyed it, so I gave it a whirl.

It ended up being some of the best light ice cream I’ve ever had. I will still choose a smaller portion of the real stuff whenever possible, but this was a great substitution. There were two flavors: chocolate chip cookie dough and moose tracks. And they were each surprisingly rich and yummy. Plus, it was only 120 calories per serving! Great, because I snacked a lot throughout the day and had pizza for dinner.

I decided not to look at the ingredients since I figured there had to be something chemical-y going on for light ice cream to taste so good, and I didn’t want to know. The good news is, I lived to tell about it.

I really didn’t end up eating any of the sweets that I bought at the local general store. I did have a taste of a raspberry truffle I bought but I was NOT impressed. It tasted like it had been sitting out all week. So, if you’re ever in the Berkshires, and you’re ever at Jiminy Peak resort, and you ever stop into their general store, steer clear of the truffles.

We’re enjoying another relaxing and beautiful day here. Yesterday was a bit overcast, but after a torrential downpour late last night, we’ve got perfect blue skies and sunshine today. Kev and I took a nice long hike when we woke up, then had some breakfast with the family, and then we all headed down to the pool. We’re about to take another hike, Kev and I, and then we’re all going to eat some local grass fed beef burgers from the grill. YES. (Thanks, Lisa.) We head home tomorrow afternoon – it’s been a lovely little getaway.

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