daily dessert – vacation weekend round-up

Picture 240

There are going to be a lot of sinful shots of a variety of desserts in this post and I apologize in advance for any cravings they inspire in you. I ate a lot of delicious things this weekend when Kevin and I were up in the Berkshires with his family. As I mentioned, the computer room at the resort didn’t provide me many options in terms of uploading photos, so I had to wait until now. 

Without further ado, and hopefully without too many of my own words clouding up the mouth watering images, I present to you, my weekend in desserts:

Picture 239

Here is a cashew and dark chocolate turtle from the nearby general store. I had a tiny bite of this and it was salty and yummy.

Picture 238

I made a small batch of red velvet cupcakes for everyone. This photo makes it sort of look like a radioactive mistake at a nuclear plant, but they were good – rich and moist. (Pat my own back.)

Picture 191

Kevin and I also picked up a few truffles at the nearby shop. These looked good and were very pretty, but as I mentioned in a post over the weekend, I wasn’t that impressed with them. They tasted like they’d been sitting out for a while and their flavors didn’t knock me out.

I only had a small sliver of a couple of these truffles.

Picture 192

Picture 237

Next stop: PIE.

Picture 232

Picture 233

These, along with the first photo in this post, are shots of the divine cherry pie that Kevin’s parents picked up at a nearby farm, where they also got a bunch of food for a big BBQ we did on Saturday night. Apparently the fam, who had spent the week at the resort before Kevin and I arrived late Thursday night, had already enjoyed an entirely local meal from said farm earlier in the week. We were so glad they decided to do it again while we were there. We had grass fed beef burgers, corn on the cob, and lots of yummy salads. And then there was the true star of the show, this amazing pie. Because I (stupidly) indulged in light ice cream before the pie came out (what a waste!), I only had two forkfuls of the pie. It was really delicious and fresh tasting. I wish I’d had room for more, but I was stuffed and didn’t want to push it. The few minutes of yummy-ness weren’t worth feeling like a balloon all night long, so I held off.

Picture 199

Here is the light ice cream I wrote about over the weekend. It was really good. Turkey Hill brand. Again, I’m not usually a fan of light stuff, as it usually leaves the “real food” component to the wayside, but if you must have light ice cream, this is good stuff to try. I really liked it.

Picture 197

Picture 198

So that’s it – my vacation dessert parade. The only thing I probably ate a bit too much of was the light ice cream, so all in all, it was a success in terms of my waistline. And in terms of yummy desserts, even though some of what I had wasn’t to die for, a lot of it was very, very good. Another success there.

We had a very nice time on our trip. We swam, ate, walked, hiked, lazed around in the sun, read magazines and newspapers, enjoyed the company of the family and adorable three-year old Craig, Kevin’s nephew, and we crashed when we got home last night – totally exhausted from all that tiring relaxation.

A successful vacation weekend, all around. A big thank you to Kevin’s sister for letting us borrow her car! And a really, really big thank you to Kevin’s parents for generously accommodating us!


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