daily dessert

Picture 284

I baked a small test batch of four cupcakes last night. I was trying out a new recipe and wanted to make sure I’d done it properly. Luckily, vanilla cupcakes are very easy to make so it only took me a few minutes and soon the house was filled with the most comforting warm vanilla scent.

Picture 286

Kevin and I each had a cupcake. I ate mine along with a spoonful of All Natural Breyer’s Vanilla ice cream (YUM.) and some sliced up strawberries. My little sundae tasted exactly like strawberry shortcake and it was very good.

Picture 287

To me, the only thing better than a piece of cake or a brownie is a piece of cake or a brownie mixed with ice cream and toppings. I call them Circus Sundaes. Whatever.

Picture 283


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