look at this diva

Β Picture 257

She’s getting so big! And she’s still so grouchy. She’s also very talkative, voicing her displeasure with life at every turn. She’s sometimes cuddly, though, which is so nice because she’s very soft, fluffy and likes to rest her chin on your shoulder when you pick her up. Sometimes her stubborn, fickle demeanor is annoying. Then I remember I’m exactly the same.

Picture 258

Picture 268


6 thoughts on “look at this diva

  1. Jen, she is absolutely beautiful! She looks a lot like Shadow my sister’s kitten – I’ll email you a picture once I find it. All the best.
    Your CT, friend.

  2. Well. They were better for a time but I noticed her holding them funny again this morning. The ear medicine thing was such a trauma, I’m really hesitant to do it again. She was really upset by that. So we’ll see. I’ll keep and eye on her and start a new regimen if I absolutely hafta.

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