daily dessert

Picture 290

Not be boring, but I had another cupcake last night. Well, I actually only had half a cupcake.

One of my most relied upon tactics in maintaining my weight (after losing 115 pounds five years ago and then learning how to stay slim when the “honeymoon” of my brand new body wore off) is something that the popular “real food” blogger, Kath Younger, calls The Squiggly Line Effect. It’s not rocket science – it’s just a way of thinking about your weight and your food intake as a balancing act – you lose a little, you gain a little – and you ultimately break even. Kath says, “I believe that so long as you overeat on occasion, you have to undereat on occasion too in order to balance out…”

I live this philosophy every day. I enjoy myself at parties, on vacations, on special occasions, or even sometimes when I’m just feeling indulgent. And to counteract that, and because all good things must come in moderation, I focus on eating more nutrient rich foods and fewer calories the rest of the time.

I was pretty restrictive, calorically, yesterday. I felt completely bloated and almost exhausted-by-digestion from two consecutive weekends of spending time eating meals out and sampling new sweets or drinks, first with my parents, then with Kevin’s. I finally hit a wall yesterday and all I wanted was leafy greens, whole grains and fruit.

But I will always, unless things are really dire, have dessert.

So I had half a cupcake when I got home from rehearsal last night. There was one sample vanilla cupcake hanging around from the night before and I slathered a little buttercream frosting on it – frosting Faryn had prepared and handed over to me so that I could frost a bigger batch of cupcakes. Besides wanting a little something sweet, I really did have to (“have to”) taste the cupcake with the frosting to make sure it was the flavor we were hoping for. Good news. It was. They are SO good.

And, so! There will be fresh vanilla cupcakes for sale at the PIT tonight! I can’t wait to share them with everyone. I hope you love them. I devoured this little half cupcake, giving the other half to Kevin who made a lot of “Mmmmm” noises and a few after-the-fact “Mmph!”s for good measure.

Picture 289

Here are some of the naked cupcakes, fresh out of the oven. When you see them tonight, they will be wearing their frosting bonnets.

Picture 293


2 thoughts on “daily dessert

  1. Hi Jen,
    How great it is to have discovered your blog. I’m a bliss-seeking, cupcake-baking, newly-blogging, yoga-loving comrade!

    I was laid off from my desk-job(oddly enough,the one I could no longer bear …)earlier this year. And while the shock waves and effects are still rippling,it’s catapulted me into reclaiming the creative aspects of my life that seemed to have been put on permanent hold. I’ve been toying with baking-as-a-biz ideas for a couple years now … and writing … and a few other things, so I’m finding inspiration in your blogging about your own aspirations!

    You might enjoy this post from my blog,’Bliss’:

    Love and luck to you! And I’ll look forward to more of your posts.

    • Hi Jacqueline,

      Thank you so much for your comment. I cannot tell you how exciting it is to meet other people (like you!) who are in a similar mental place I am. Congratulations, if I can say so, on getting laid off so that you were sort of forced to reclaim some of your creativity. The baking biz, although so much hard work, as I’m sure you know, is a lot of fun.

      I will check back to your blog from time to time – thanks for the link! And good luck on your journey.


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