daily dessert

Picture 346

Trader Joe’s Souther Style Pecan Cookies. Holy cow these are delicious.

They’re just simple, crunchy cookies, a bit larger than bite sized. You get four or five for 150 calories, which is a pretty sweet deal, considering how not tiny they are. AND CONSIDERING HOW DELICIOUS THEY ARE. Can you tell I enjoyed them? They’re really flavorful – salty and sweet – they are almost rich, which is unusual for a dry cookie.

Someone at the desk job set them out for everyone to enjoy after lunch. I decided to enjoy them with an iced coffee. So I took two cookies, went back for two more, and went back for two more. They are still, this morning, sitting only feet away from my face. But I’m not going to eat them today. I mean, I’m not going to eat ALL of them today.

Picture 347

Picture 349


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