wish me luck


It’s just past noon and I’ve taken a vacation day from the desk job today. I’m about to head out to walk around my neighborhood and neighborhoods nearby to see who’s hiring!

This is just a wild hair I got late last week – I want to work closer to home. If I’m going to keep a just-for-the-paycheck job for another few months, it might as well be one that meets my needs. In terms of my current job, I’m going out of my way, literally and metaphorically, to keep working there. And not only is it not necessary, it’s not productive for me personally.

I need more free time, time to exercise, grocery shop, do my laundry, socialize and relax. And right now I have so little time to do any of that stuff. If I work closer to home, I won’t have a two hour commute. And my working hours will probably be fewer too. Even if the new job is not exactly what I want to be doing for the next five years, at least it will be a step closer to the kind of lifestyle I want to have.

Who knows what I’ll find out there today. I’ve never really walked around to look for a job. I’ve done the internet job search thing, or the referred by a friend thing, but I’ve never just walked around the area I want to work. It might be a great experience, or it might be a total bust, but it’s a beautiful day, so how bad could it be? I’ll probably meet some interesting people and I’ll get to enjoy my community a bit. I’m armed with a folder full of resume copies, I’m in a good mood and I’m looking forward to exploring the options. I’m going to stop in where ever feels right. Schools, day care centers, cafes, offices, boutiques. We’ll see what happens. I’m willing to take a pay cut to make it happen and I don’t mind the idea of waiting tables or even working in another office.

This is an important step for me on my journey to leave my desk job and do what I love. It’s a step closer to my freedom. It’s all about having the courage to make my situation work for me.

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