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Picture 514-1

I’m going to do something I rarely do and combine three daily desserts into one post! Terrible, I know. But the weekend got away from me and my day off from the desk job yesterday was action packed. And the truth of it is, I wasn’t a very good daily dessert journalist this weekend. So this is the best I got. We’ll be back to our regularly scheduled decadant desserts and elaborate explanations of when and how I ate them tomorrow, I promise.

I mentioned a couple posts below that my dessert on Saturday night, after another long day of shooting sketch videos, was few giant spoonfuls of delicious dirt cake for Clayton’s birthday, courtesy of Sara Taylor of Harvard Sailing Team fame. It’s amazing cake. I’m ashamed I have no photographic evidence.

I was involved in some more video shooting on Sunday, this time with friends from the PIT, who are the creators of a very funny web series called BOF. When the shoot was over, I made my way back to Brooklyn to meet up with some girlfriends at Fette Sau to celebrate beautiful Marina and her beautiful birthday. Since I arrived quite late to the party, I was only there long enough to have a quick drink (vodka soda with lime) and half of a birthday cupcake from Sugar Sweet Sunshine bakery, my favorite bakery in the city. Marina looked lovely, as always, and seemed to be having a nice time with the festivities.

That was my dessert for Saturday – a very yummy half cupcake that I devoured while laughing and chatting with the ladies. I didn’t get any photos of the birthday girl or the party guests because they were already wrapped up in a committed Glamour Shots session when I arrived. It was hilarious.

So here are some dark photos of the cupcake and vodka soda experience. That’s a cute blue birthday candle sticking out of the half cupcake, in case you can’t tell. And the vodka cocktail was delightful. I really appreciated that I got my own special bottle of club soda to refresh my drink as needed. It’s the little things.

Picture 510

Picture 511-1

Yesterday, Monday, was my glorious day off from the desk job – made even more glorious by the fact that I didn’t decide until Friday morning to take the day off. I’m not sure why, exactly, that made it more glorious, but it did. Maybe something about the spontaneity of it all.

I’ll tell you more about yesterday soon. Nothing terribly exciting or life altering happened. (Although, as cheesy as it sounds, I really could feel the good vibes flowing from all my friends and family who knew I was out and about looking for jobs! Thank you!) But it was still a great and productive day. And most excitingly, I had ice cream – before lunch!

Here’s proof from a blurry blackberry photo.

Picture 526

After walking by the place a million times, I finally swung into Blue Marble, a Prospect Heights shop known for its creamy, delicious ice cream made with organic or all-natural milk from local grass fed cows. I chose the strawberry, which I’d heard good things about. It was very tasty, and hit the spot perfectly while I relaxed on a bench outside their adorable shop, resting my feet and cooling off from my job hunt hike.

I read recently on Kath Eats Real Food that ice cream is a good and somewhat healthy treat to have (assuming you have the calories to spare and don’t eat too much of it) because its properties are such that even a small amount will fill you up and keep you full for a while. It’s true! I always feel full after eating ice cream and yesterday was no exception. I was satisfied and recharged after that yummy little cone. It kept me going for the rest of my exhausting walk through what felt like all of Brooklyn.

Blue Marble was conceived of and created by two young women, good friends, who both had a love for ice cream, a passion for social issues and a committment to improving their local and global community. I love that.

And with that, we have concluded my weekend in desserts. Riveting, I know.


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