daily dessert

Picture 527

This doesn’t look too appealing does it. Well, I blame my amateur photography skills, because it tasted heavenly.

I put about 3/4 of a cup of chocolate soy ice cream into a little bowl, topped it with some leftover cream cheese frosting I’d been saving in the freezer (oh god, so good), and some crunchy little sesame sticks from Trader Joe’s that I’m in love with that the moment. And for a final touch, I threw a little all-natural peanut butter on there.

The result was one of the mostly sinfully delicious sundaes I’ve made in a while. It reminded me of the hot fudge peanut butter sundae I used to get at Julieanne’s Custard in Crystal Lake (my home town). Julieanne’s has since closed down, which is an absolute shame because it was the best ice cream in the area, but my little sundae last night had me imagining all the ways I can recreate my favorite sundae flavors.

Basically, if it’s got chocolate and peanut butter, I want it.


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