daily dessert

Picture 540

Rare are the days when I haven’t given myself some errand or task to accomplish on my lunch break. But I found myself with nothing to do for an hour yesterday afternoon. Glorious. I escaped from the desk job with my wallet and my camera and set out on a little lunchtime adventure.

The lunch carts this side of 5th Avenue don’t always cut it for me, so I ventured over to good ol’ Avenue of the Americas where the street meat flows like…plentiful meat. I found a little taco stand I’d noticed once before and was dying to try (lunch from them was just okay – nothing special) and then I remembered that parked nearby was my favorite sweets truck, the first-ever, which set the standard for all sweets trucks that would follow in its wake – The Treats Truck.

Picture 534

I don’t mean to be a purist, but standing there in front of  Sugar (that’s the name of the truck) watching all the sweet-toothed midtowners order their classic crispies and oatmeal jammies made me want to forget about all those other sweets trucks forever. Some of them might have delicious wares, but the Treats Truck remains my number one.

Picture 533

 Picture 536

Picture 537

Picture 539

Picture 535

I’m in love with this truck, you guys. Doesn’t their stuff look so simple and yummy? It is.

I kept myself in check, though, and only got two cookies: A little tiny sugar dot, which was a mere $.50. (The first photo of the post is the sugar dot.) And a divine, chewy, perfect chocolate chip cookie.

Picture 543

I had to pry it out of my own fingers in order to snap this photo before I gobbled it up. It was one of the best chocolate chip cookies I’ve ever had, hands down.

Picture 544

In summation, it was a delighful lunchtime adventure and I returned to the office well fed, well sunned and smiling. Thank you, Treats Truck. I’ll be back.


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