daily dessert


Our friend Dan threw a party last night and it was a great time. Along with performances by a lot of talented, funny people, and beer sponsored by Brooklyn Brewery, Faryn and I made Fanny & Jane cupcakes and buttercream cookie sandwiches to sell.

People seemed to enjoy the sweets, and I stole a cookie sandwich – it was my dessert for the day. It was delicious.

The party, which was held at Gowanus Studio Space, was an interesting mix of people – some I knew, some I didn’t. It was such a cool, breezy night in Brooklyn that the open windows and dim lighting gave the whole event a really relaxed feeling. It was an all around easy and fun time.











5 thoughts on “daily dessert

  1. Oh, Jen, I think I die a little bit every time I see a picture of your desserts… New York just seems like the Emerald City to me, and I have a hard time accepting that it really exists, so a large part of my brain tells me that my ever tasting your desserts is totally and completely out of the realm of possibility. Sigh. They look so good.
    I adore all the fabulous photography on your blog, but I’ll admit, all the desserts are starting to make me wistful. I’m going to have to buy some ice cream soon. Love you!

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