a new kind of adventure

Picture 605

I came across this old post this morning, which I wrote back in May.

It’s a funny kind of relief to read it now because I remember feeling that way and feeling sorta hopeless that afternoon. And it dawns on me that I’ve made some real mental and tangible progress since then. Hallelujah.

I’m going – get this – to Trapeze School on Thursday night!! It’s just a two hour course for $60 that ends with getting to do a jump/fly/death leap at the end of it! My friend Blue, who is inspirational in all kinds of ways these days, invited me to join her on this adventure as a celebration of her life, her time in New York so far, and her recent choice to take a leap of faith in her world.

I. Cannot. Wait.

It’s totally fitting to do this right now, and with Blue. We’re going to have a great ol’ time.

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